HM-100 portable digital Gauss meter can be used to measure the DC magnetic field, radiation magnetic field, remanence, Earth magnetic field, and so on the magnetic field of various magnetic field strength.

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Product Description

The instrument can carry (173mm × 90mm × 40mm), wide range range, easy to operate, clear liquid crystal display, the keys are using the most advanced touch-type buttons, greatly enhanced its service life and ease of use. Power for the four 5 batteries, can work for more than 40 hours, compact and portable, perfect quality assurance, quality after-sales service, is your ideal choice for work.Gauss meter is a special instrument for detecting the magnetic induction of magnets. It is one of the most widely used measuring instruments in the field of magnetic measurement.The HM-100 is a hand-held digital Gauss meter controlled by a microcontroller. The instrument can carry, wide range, easy to operate, clear liquid crystal display. There are measurement / peak hold, MT / GS unit conversion, key automatic zero, 30MT / 300MT / 3000MT range conversion and other functions.

Technical parameters

  1. Battery: low voltage 6V (4 pcs of AA batteries)
    2. Range: 30.0mT, 300mT, 3000mT three gears
    3. Accuracy:    (1). better than 1.0% (0 ~ 1000mT);
    (2). better than 2.0% (1000mT ~ 3000mT);
    4. Auto power-off after 60 seconds’ interval
    5. Magnetic field minimum resolution: 0.1mT (1Gs)
    6. Dimension: 170mm × 90mm × 40mm
    7. Weight: 450g

Accessories and packaging



  1. DC magnetic field and magnetic field peak value measurement.
    2. Permanent magnet magnetic field distribution measurement.
    3. The magnetizing measurement of the permanent magnets.
    4. The magnetic field distribution measurement inside the DC coil.
    5. The air gap magnetic field measurement of DC electromagnet.
    6. Normal DC magnetic field measurement.


  1. Direct reading of magnetic field.
    2. Direct displaying of the north and south pole (N/S) of magnetic field.
    3. A key of zeroing
    4. mT / Gs unit switch.
    5. Easy operation, without calibration.
    6. The battery can be used for long time.
    7. LCD backlight

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 4 cm