Measure two-dimensional space magnetic field with high precision or for dual channel test


Main Function


*Measure two-dimensional space magnetic field with high precision or for dual channel test

*High-precision AC / DC magnetic field measurement

*Auto/Manul Range: automatically adjust to the suitable range when choosing auto range, manul-selected has three gears.

* Auto/ Manual Storage: This machine provides 3000 data storage space and automatically store data according to set time (1-60 seconds).Also it provides random storage and can be reviewed as per time and stored order.

*Max / Min Lock: Turn on or off the peak measurement function.Capture and display the highest and the lowest magnetic field readings, and lock the interface.
First gear: Maximum/minimum/peak/valley holding
Second gear: interface locking
Third gear: relieving

*Auto Zeroing Mode
1)relative zero magnetic field mode:put the probe into chamber of Zero-Gauss calibrator, zeroing and store the data.
2)eliminate geomagnetism mode:put the probe on horizontal to make sure it is vertical against geomagnetic field,zeroing and store the data.

*Communications and drawing: Through the RS-232 interface to transmit the stored data to the computer, inquire historical data, and use the Gauss meter drawing software to draw high precision charts according to the strength of the magnetic field to select coordinate, print and send.

At the same time, CH-2100 monitoring analog output ( BNC ) can provide auxiliary automation capabilities without PC circumstances.

* Industrial Output ( optional): standard industry interface, output control signals according to the requirements.


CH-2100 optional accessories


Gauss meter professional drawing software(including data base)
Zero Gauss chamber of Gauss meter
Serial port USB2.0 connector
Gauss meter probe fixing rack



DC Measurement(DC):


DC display resolution: 5 ¾ (6 digital filter display)













Marked * is the Automatic identification rangs of low magnetic field probe
DC Accuracy: ±0.15% of reading ±0.05% of range
DC Temperature Coefficient:±(0.03% ±1 count)/ ºC
Acquisition Speed: 20/s


AC Effective Values(AC) and Frequency Measurement
AC Display Resolution: 5 ¾ (6 digital filter display)
AC RMS Frequency Range: 20Hz-2500Hz
AC RMS Accuracy: ±2% of reading
AC RMS Frequency Response: 20Hz-2500Hz
Acquisition Speed: 20/s


Front Panel


Display: 800 x480 Pixel,7 inch full view color screen
Display Resolution: 5 ¾ (6 digital filter display)
Display Update Rate: 5 rdg /s
Display Units: Gauss(G), Tesla(T), Amps/m(A/m), Oster(Oe)
Unit Multiplier: m,k,M
Definitions of control keys: AC/DC Switch, Measurement Units, Range Switch, Data Storage, Up/Down/Left/Right Direction, Menu, Max/Min/Interface Lock, Zero Mode, ConfirmationButton, Relative Mode, Reset Mode
Keyboard: 12 membrane keys
Front Panel Features: Good Communication Ability, Intuitive Operation, Display Hints, Brightness Control, Panel Lock


Probe Specifications


Input Type: Single Hall Effect Two Dimensional Sensor
Probe Features: High linear digital Hall probe, Probe Auto Zero
Probe Compatibility: Standard probe or special probe
Connector: 15 pin D-type


Interface Features


RS – 232C interface function  
Baudrate: 19600, 57600, 115200
Connector: 9 pin D-type, Terminal Configuration
Software Suppot: Standard interface definition
Analog output monitoring
Configuration: Real-time analog voltage output
Rang: ± 3 V voltage
Frequency Response: DC to 2500Hz
Accuracy: depending on probes
Minimum load resistance: 1 k (Short-Circuit Protection)
Connector: BNC


General Parameters


Chassis: Metal shielded
Environment Temperature: 15℃to 35℃rated accuracy; 5℃to 40℃accuracy reducing
Power Requirements: 220-240(+5 %, -10 %), 50 or 60Hz
Size: 320 mmWidth× 110mmheight× 287mm

 CH-2100 AC/DC Digital Two Dimensional Gauss MeterCH-2100 AC/DC Digital Two Dimensional Gauss Meter